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hi, i'm remus and for weather details look out the window.

pretty much all my tags are for self reference
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looking at old school work and look at the difference of neatness between the start of year 12 and then end of year 12 oops

this one time at school i was really hungry during french class so i was eating chips and i’d just put one in my mouth when the teacher asked me a question. i then had to answer, in french, around a whole non-broken chip without her realising i was eating.

when i finished she congratulated me on my perfect accent

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omfg thank god for the derived marking for the ncea exams

i only passed one of the end of year externals so all of my grades for it are from the mock exams fjdtjrthdrthr

this is actually pretty sad but oh my fucking god i can’t stop laughing at how much of a failure i was last year

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a years worth of classical studies notes. over half of which being on alexander the great

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so apparently lady gaga’s son was at my graduation…

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Someone wrote that next year he’ll be getting horticultural skills and my head of school read it out. My entire year bursted out laughing before my h.o.s realised it meant getting high omg.

this is at graduation practise, by the way

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i wrote this up the other week and some friends stuck it up around school as part of our senior prank. some teachers ripped most of them down but i heard from my classics teacher that the staff thought it was brilliant.

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It’s my last day of high school today.

It’s kinda hard to believe that it’s been five years since I started there, even harder to believe how much I’ve changed since then because of it. This year has gone far too quickly, I feel like I’ve barely had school this year (then again because of earthquakes, snow days and site-sharing with another school I’ve lost about 12 full weeks of school all up so I guess that makes sense).

After today I just have graduation, three exams, sign out, my leavers dinner and then it’s completely over. Kinda scared.

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as a present to my head of school, some people tried to get everyone in my year to donate some money so we could get him something.

they tried to get us to donate $5-20 and while not everyone donated, we managed to raise $1001.50 so it looks like we’ll be able to send him and his wife out of town for a weekend. :D

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I think my teacher was willing to let me use his car today.

I needed to go to the mall to pick up some photos and since I wasn’t needed for the Drama practice I was at I told him what I was doing and that I may get to next period late, since Drama was after lunch too, and he asked me if have a car and after I said no he asked if I have my driver’s licence. I said no and he then said “I guess I can’t lend you my car then.”

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I want to get my next tattoo when I finish school but I don’t know which day I should pick.

There’s four options.

  • November 8, which is Graduation.
  • November 9, which is my final day of going to school for lessons.
  • November 25, which is the day of my final NCEA exam.
  • December 5, which is Sign Out Day (though I’m not really sure if I actually need to go to that).
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i made a sex joke today and the girl i said it to was really shocked.

she’s going to wellington so she can go to her boyfriend’s formal and i said something to do with sex to which she told me he and his family are all christian and the like

i said in reply “so you’ll have to keep it quiet then? i hope you’re not a squealer” and she was all “what? you just made a SEX JOKE?”

she obviously does not know me well enough.

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so this is what i did in art history today. fuck learning when there’s a laptop to play on.

best line during this, when mckenzie was a fish because of the of the effects:

"look at you, rolling in the deep"
"well this is a dell"

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