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hi, i'm remus and for weather details look out the window.

pretty much all my tags are for self reference
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goooood morning world

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hey hi sup

i have massive bags under my eyes but i feel attractive so have my face

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no but i’m so pleased with this tattoo ahhh

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my hair takes too long to grow

my room is being repainted so i’m living in the lounge at the moment, i do not like it.

here have an extra photo of me that i accidentally took while setting up the remote shooting on my laptop

i’m trying to grow my hair and it takes so dang long oh my gosh

this is honest to god my favourite childhood photo of my sisters and i

hey look my hair ended up blonde after all

dying my hair and, uh, this isn’t really looking like the dark blonde the box promised me

i never post my face on here anymore

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the sun came out and now it is too bright

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#also hey i'm blonde again  #me  

*everybody’s doing it by evermore plays in the background*

hey look it’s me throughout 2013