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First image taken June 2008, second taken November 2011, nine months after it was hit by the February 22nd earthquake.

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It took 160 years to build the city of Christchurch. It took an earthquake 24 seconds to rip the heart out of it. A century and a half of human endeavour was wasted in less than half a minute. In that half a minute, 185 people died or were mortally wounded.

Ric Stevens —

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going through photos and look, this was my bedroom following the february 22nd earthquake last year.

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I love this guy’s thinking “Oh god, aftershock — SHIT I HAVE TO SAVE MY BEER”

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The CBD red zone is an active demolition site and it is still dangerous. Do you appreciate that despite our best efforts you could still be trapped by an earthquake or falling building in the CBD red zone and you might not survive?

One of the warnings given before going on a bus tour of my city. No, really.

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hey look, my room has earthquake damage and i have no clue how long it’s been like that for.

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Driving around the Christchurch red zone 11-8-2011

It’s a year since the earthquakes here started, so I suppose this is appropriate. This is mostly all aftermath from the February 22 earthquake, though some buildings had come down after the September 4 one last year.

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The city of Christchurch looks like a war zone. Buildings are flattened, streets are violently ruptured and dead bodies lie in Cashel Mall covered with old towels and T-shirts.

Water and silt have swamped areas of the city, and smoke and dust blankets central Christchurch as dazed people wander through the streets in shock. Helicopters are flying overhead, carrying large water buckets to empty on smoldering buildings.

Bricks, glass and debris litter the streets and emergency services workers try desperately to rescue people trapped in the mountains of rubble. A backpacker’s body lies in a van, crushed by a fallen building on Gloucester Street. A building on the corner of Lichfield and Manchester Street has been flattened and 30 emergency services workers sift through the rubble for bodies.

One woman’s body has been dragged out of the destruction and lies on the side of the street covered in an old green towel as officials rush around her trying to save others. People in sneakers and bike helmets comb through the ruins trying to help. A young man watches as diggers drag huge pieces of debris away from the site; he believes his brother is underneath the crumpled building.

A seriously injured man fell through the floor of a shop in Cashel Mall during the quake and is carried out by six members of the public. One woman who worked in Cashel Mall has a broken pelvis and a sever gash exposing bone on her face, but an ambulance cannot reach her for more than an hour because emergency services are stretched to capacity.

I try to help her, holding her pelvis together. She is screaming in pain.

Members of the public try to comfort her, and one man says, ‘Put this on your face, try to hold your face together.’ I leave when her husband arrives.

Emergency services workers have been pulled in from all areas of Canterbury to assist in the immediate search and recovery operation. Ambulance officers, firefighters and police direct dazed residents out of the CBD and set up a temporary cordons around it.

People shocked, crying and injured gather in groups to support one another on the outskirts of the city. Cell phone contact and internet connections have been cut in the aftermath of the quake and distressed residents struggle to reach loved ones.

The city continues to heave and shake right throughout the day as those trapped in the central city flock to evacuation havens such as Latimer Square and Hagley Park.

The seriously injured lie on blankets in Latimer Square waiting for medical attention. St Johns Ambulance medics set up triage tents as more injured people keep arriving, some screaming as the aftershocks continue.

-Press reporter Oliva Carville on Christchurch’s CBD, taken from 'Earthquake: Christchurch, New Zealand, 22 February 2011'

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Ever since the mayor used it, everyone uses “munted” to describe Christchurch and places in it.

Even the news people.

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Here, have a photo of the ChristChurch Cathedral. I took this in 2008 or something and it’s like… The symbol of Christchurch. The spire got super fucked in the February earthquake (it fell off completely) and aftershocks since have it now needing to be pulled down completely.

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This is my current bus route to school because my usual, faster way has been damaged to much due to aftershocks and I can’t go through town because of all the buildings falling down/have fallen down/could fall down.

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GNS upgrades earthquake strengths

LATEST: GNS Science has upgraded the strength of yesterday’s earthquakes.

The largest earthquake has been upgraded to magnitude 6.3, with a shallower depth of 6km.

The 2.20pm quake was originally analysed as 6.0 in magnitude at a depth of 9km.

The 1.01pm tremor has also been upgraded to 5.7, and was at a depth of 10km - not 11km - new GNS figures show.

The quakes collapsed buildings, leaving homes without power and water, and caused widespread liquefaction.

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