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Nearly 50,000 people have flown out of Christchurch in the past week.

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Do any of my followers live in Christchurch area and have any cows?

If so, how would you feel about spending all day watching them to see if they fall over in an aftershock?

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Landscape Rocks for Sale in ChCh

For sale 1 owner 25 - 30 tonne landscape feature (answers to the name Rocky) …

He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust). Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case a magnificent addition to your living area.

Rocky will enhance your “indoor outdoor” flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did.

Sorry, but we are unable to deliver Rocky but would be happy for you to pick him up and roll him away (please mind our neighbours when you do) :-)

Highest bid (should there be one) gets personalised photo with Rocky (when cordon lifts) and of course a wonderful addition to your home.

On a serious note: ALL proceeds will go to ChCh Earthquake Relief Fund. :-)

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You know you’re from Christchurch when…

  1. You use the term “liquefaction” and “seismic design” in casual conversation.
  2. Digging a hole and pooping in your garden is no longer weird.
  3. Your mayor describes the city as “munted”. If he means FUBARed, you agree
  4. Weaving through car size potholes on the street is no longer weird
  5. Going to Wellington to escape earthquakes makes sense
  6. A shower is heaven
  7. You have a preference of which kind of silt you’d rather shovel, dry or wet
  8. You see tanks driving around town
  9. You are always noting what you are under
  10. Due to frequent aftershocks during the night, you sleep like a baby—every 10 minutes you wake up and sh*t yourself
  11. A bunch of students turn up and your property looks better after they have gone than before they arrived

(Source: trademe.co.nz)

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Photos: Before and after the Christchurch earthquake

More updated than the one that was going around last week. Well worth a look to see how much iconic Christchurch buildings are now gone.

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how the fuck was the christchurch earthquake felt in antarctica?

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I wonder how much smaller the next phonebook will be…

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Saw a sign while out helping.

"FOR SALE: Liquifaction. $5 for the lot."

Sounds like a bargain.

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Mum is telling me to wear dirty clothes for helping out around Christchurch.


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Around 10,000 people a day have flown out of Christchurch since Tuesday’s quake.

Add that to the amount of people who have left by car, and my city is really going down in numbers.

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A big aftershock just happened.

The mayor is live on TV and was just trying to guess the size of it.

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America is sending us portaloos.

Thank you for your giant shit buckets <333

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