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hi, i'm remus and for weather details look out the window.

pretty much all my tags are for self reference
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Casual racism is calling a black student “loud”, “obnoxious”, and “troublemaker” and a white student who acts a similar way in class “silly”, “funny”, and “class clown”.

Casual sexism is calling a cis female student “loud”, “obnoxious” and “bitchy” and a cis male student “social”, “funny”, and “someone who participates in an engaging way”.

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Pastel Backround Pikachu [x] 
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oh my god

21th century art

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cries for 18 years over these 2

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A Kingdom of procrastination and it looks like I’m the Queen.

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 Bianca Luini :Where I See Fashion

There are those who search at length for inspiration, be it for a writing piece, sculpture, or fashion, but then there are artists who look no further than what is right in front of them, finding beauty in everyday objects, colours, and shapes. This week we are highlighting the wonderful blog WISP –– Where I See Fashion by Bianca Luini for her wonderful imagery and abstract view of clothing. The blog curator showcases clothing alongside art pieces with corresponding elements of colour, shape, and layout, with even a single image triggering the creative process for designers, which develops into a whole line of clothing or textile designs.

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And it is said that the Princess returned to her father’s kingdom. That she reigned there with justice and a kind heart for many centuries. That she was loved by her people. And that she left behind small traces of her time on Earth, visible only to those who know where to look.

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Police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, have begun wearing body cameras after weeks of unrest over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a white officer and sharply differing accounts of the incident, officials said on Sunday.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot multiple times by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, sparking nearly three weeks of angry protests in the St. Louis suburb and drawing global attention to race relations in the United States.

Law enforcement and witnesses gave differing accounts of what transpired before Brown was shot, with police saying the teen had struggled with the officer. Witnesses say Brown held up his hands and was surrendering when he was shot multiple times in the head and chest.

The discrepancy has revived calls for officers across the county to be outfitted with body cameras to help capture an accurate record of police-involved incidents.


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i may be ugly and untalented


thats all

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The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal, larger that the Eiffel tower and the statue of liberty .. Things you don’t see in mainstream media.

This is beautiful.

bucket list.

Wtf this is amazing!
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bae: will you go out with me

me: if i date you ill have to stop making tfw no gf jokes and im not sure if im ready for that kind of commitment

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